Monday, November 15, 2010

A busy Fall

I have been a little quiet lately but I do have a few projects going on, all at the same time! Here's a rundown:

My boys are very lucky to have a cousin about 5 years older. We get his a lot of his things when he outgrows them. Being a private school kid there aren't a ton of clothes since he wears a uniform, but what we do get lucky with are coats! So when the weather cooled off a few weeks ago I headed to the coat box for Kidster #1. Of course a new coat means new mittens. He designed the colors and pattern. I tried convincing him to have lots of small stripes but he didn't want to hear it. He's my biggest fan so instead of arguing I got my needle ready for all those ends! They are just waiting for thumbs.

I also started some yoga-type socks for my mother. Ever since she broke her ankle, she's been saying how it gets so stiff on her in the mornings and when she's outside when it's cold. With all the screws and pins in there I thought this was the least I could do. I plan on making at least two and will have to dye them to her preferred work colors (navy or black). If there's time I will also make a thicker version for sleeping. Mom doesn't read the blog so I can show you how the first one looks, pre-dyed. And Mom, if you are reading, please let me know so I don't spoil the surprises in the future!

As for sewing, I am in the middle of a toy sack. The kidsters have a new found appreciation for Legos. And as you can imagine (or already know) they get all over the floor! A few years back we discovered some Legos in a vacation home we were staying in and they were in a great drawstring "bag" that opened all the way up to a flat mat. You can find actual vintage Lego bags on eBay, but buy one? Who me? I am ready to put in the grommets, string it up and it's done. I printed out an outline of a lego guy and I think I will try to embroider it on the side of the bag. I'll keep you posted.

Then last night I got another item added to my to-do list. My FIL brought over a chair seat. My MIL had been asking about how to get it recovered and generally hinting around so I offered to recover it for them a while back. I guess now is the time. Maybe I can drag it out a little and make it their holiday gift?

On a good note (fantastic, actually) I already have my holiday cards and have picked out a pretty good picture of the kidsters taken at my niece's wedding in September. It's not exactly "snowy winter wonderland" but it's better than the torture of spending a whole weekend trying for "the shot". Hubster isn't sold on the idea yet but he will be once I show him a nice stack of cards all done and stamped and ready for mailing before Thanksgiving. Usually we squeak them out on the 22nd of December!