Saturday, May 23, 2009

Door Thongs Free Pattern

Exotic name for a simple gadget.
I can only wonder what the search engines will do with this one! Sorry, but this is only a knitting pattern ;).
I made these last summer out of necessity. It was hot and the A/C's were on in our bedrooms. I had to be able to open and close our sticky painted doors at night without waking up the kidsters. They've stayed on the handles ever since, quietly hanging out, waiting for when they get put into action again. And they have lots of other uses (ask me how I know)! They are great for:

  • Keeping toddlers from getting locked in their rooms when they can't quite do the handle thing yet.
  • Keeping kidsters from locking themselves in their room when they do have the handle thing down and start experimenting with the lock.
  • Saving a mother's sanity when kidsters decide to have a door slamming contest.
  • Keeping the door from getting blown shut by open windows (and leaving the cats stranded far away from the litter box!).
  • And the original intention, air conditioning door helpers!
I kept calling them Door Things, but Hubster thought they looked more like Door Thongs. The name stuck. Oh cast on, you know you want some!

Skill Level: Easy
Gauge: 6 sts = 1”in ss (but not overly critical, knit 'til it fits!)
Yarn: scrap amounts of worsted weight
as pictured: multi: an acrylic blend, green: wool
Materials: US 4 ( 3.5 mm) double pointed or circular needles
k knit
k2tog knit two stitches together
kfb knit into front and back of the stitch (making an increase)
p purl
ss stockinette stitch
(knit every round)
sts stitches
Finished Size: Approximately 2.5”w by 7” long including loops
Easily adjustable to fit your type of door and handle!

Measuring for the Base
To figure out the size you need measure from the edge of the door hardware on one side, wrapping around the door, to the edge of the hardware on the other side of the door. You don’t have to be exact, your yarn will stretch just enough. See pictures below to see how it should fit.

Cast on 8 stitches onto one needle.
Row 1: knit
Row 2: knit (creating garter stitch)
Row 3: *k1, kfb*, repeat to end (12 sts).
Row 4: k1, *kfb, k2*, repeat 3 times, kfb, k1 (16 sts)
Row 5: knit
Row 6: k3, p10, k3
Repeat rows 5 & 6 (ss with garter edges) until piece is 1” less than desired length, ending on a right side row.
Next row: (on wrong side) knit all stitches.
Start decrease rows:
Row 1: k1, *k2tog, k2*, repeat 3 times, k2tog, k1 (12 sts)
Row 2: *k1, k2tog*, repeat to end (8 sts).
Row 3: knit
Row 4: k3, bind off 2, k3

Place last three stitches on a holder.
Working with the first three stitches, knit an I-cord 5” long (see tips below).
Knit one row straight.
Kitchener stitch these three stitches to the three stitches on the holder.
For other end, pick up the first three stitches onto working needle, and the last three stitches onto a holder.
Repeat as for first loop.

You might want to check the I-cord on your door handle a few times. You want it to be able to fit around the handle with just a little stretch. If you have a lever type handle, you should make a longer body and shorter loops.

You could use wool and lightly felt it to fit.

Hang from the inside handle when not in use.

Door Thongs
by Amybelbags

This pattern is offered for personal use only. The pattern, photos, and products made from this pattern are not to be used or sold for personal monetary gain without the written consent of the designer. Do not copy, cut, or paste this pattern. Links back to this pattern are always welcomed.


c'est Moi! the tink-n-frog said...

Cool pattern AmyBel. I wish we had air conditoners in our apartment. So far the Wee Ones haven't figured out the whole door slamming thing, but give them time. And then...bbbwwwwaaaahhahahahaha.h I'll be able to make these and foil their evil attempts to completely drive me nutters. %)

Darcys Knotty Knitter said...

I think it is a lovely idea and the name is cute:)Hugs Darcy said...

HA! That is the best gadget ever! LOL I like the name too :)

Wânia said...

Great idea!!!

anja said...

Holy crap, how clever is that!

Annie said...

What a great idea!!! Love the finished item and the name!!! Great work!!!

Rose said...

These are great to hold doors open too! I have a couple of doors where the knobs hit one another. ie. corner doors. Just attach one loop to a knob and the other to the knob on the door behind it. Voila! One stays open!
Thanks so much for the free pattern! I have already knit 7 of these for baby shower gifts!

Anonymous said...

What a great and funny design.

Roses said...

that is a real thoughful pattern

Julie D Grant said...

In Texas, our houses shift with the tide that runs underneath or the rain the comes down. With that comes the doors that won't shut or shut too tight. I was using bungy cords to keep the doors open or shut depending on our need. These have eliminated my problem and the cost of new bungy cords every so often. Such a cute and great project.