Friday, March 27, 2009

Around About Free Pattern

It's finished! Also available as a free Ravelry download, or a printer friendly link is provided at the bottom.

Around About
A round bag, knit in the round,
perfect for hauling your stuff about!

Skill Level: Easy
Not extremely important since this will be felted.
Yarn: about 450 yards of worsted weight
feltable wool
as pictured: "Chocolate Covered Raspberries"
Patons Classic Wool
1 skein Petal Pink
1 skein Rosewood
US 8 (5 mm) circular knitting needle
US 8 (5 mm) double pointed needles
Markers in two colors
double pointed needle(s)
k2tog knit two stitches together
ss stockinette stitch (knit every round)
sts stitches
Finished Size:
Approximately 8” diameter by 9” tall.

Bag Body
Using solid color yarn, cast on 136 stitches.
Place marker to indicate beginning of the round.
Join to work in rounds.
Rounds 1-6: knit in ss
Round 7: knit 32, cast off next 36 sts, knit 32, cast off next 36 sts.
Round 8: knit 32, cast on 36 sts, knit 32, cast on 36 sts.
Rounds 9-14 knit in ss
Change to contrasting color or variegated yarn.
Continue knitting in rounds until yarn is used up (or until bag measures between 10” and 12”).
Change back to solid color yarn.
Knit 5 rounds.

Bag Base
Setup round for decreases: *knit 34 sts, place alternate color marker*, repeat two more times, knit 34 sts.
Decrease round 1: *k2tog, knit to next marker, pass marker*. Repeat three times.
Continue decreasing per round 1, until there are 12 sts remaining, switching to dpns (or Magic Loop) as required.

Cut a long tail from yarn and thread onto needle. Pull needle through remaining sts as they are dropped off the needle and pull tight. Sew in securely in the inside of bag.
Sew in any ends from cast on and color changes.
Felt. There are lots of tutorials out in cyberspace. I would be happy to help, so drop me a line if you have any questions!
Find a nice big plastic container or plate to put in bottom of bag for shaping while drying. Use it to draw a circle on some sturdy cardboard or plastic canvas for your base. Cover in pretty fabric or leave it out for a more natural appearance.

I would be thrilled if you would send me a picture so I can add it to the photo gallery.

Around About
by Amybelbags

This pattern is offered for personal use only. The pattern, photos, and products made from this pattern are not to be used or sold for personal monetary gain without the written consent of the designer. Do not copy, cut, or paste this pattern. Links back to this pattern are always welcomed.


Anonymous said...

OMG OMG OMG I love it... I want to make one for me. I want to make one for all my friends.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your pattern, it's gorgeous! Well done :)

Unknown said...

A friend made me a similar bag about 6yrs ago, I love it and use it regularly. She's since lost the pattern. So I hope you dont mind but I'm going to borrow your pattern to make myself anotehr. A girl can never have too many bags.

Colorado Knitter said...

This is a gorgeous bag, thanks for sharing! I have been wanting to make myself something for a change and I think this is it:-)

evel dread said...

That is yumm-o! I am so making this! I adore your bags and blog :)

Vicki said...

I love this bag! I would like to make it in a yarn other than wool, though, as I am alergic to wool. Can you recommend another type of yarn I could use to get a similar, sturdy bag? Thank you!

Amybel said...

Thanks Vicki! I tried to find a way to leave you a message but alas...
I'll try to answer your question here. Let me know if you get it, otherwise I'll make a separate post for you.

In order to get yarn to felt it should be 100% natural animal fiber. No superwash, acrylic, cotton, etc. You could try Alpaca and see if you get an allergic reation. Alpaca tends to be a little "furry" after felting, but it is very soft and should felt nicely (and you could always give it a haircut). I would recommend that you try to felt a sample swatch first just to make sure! You wouldn't want all that hard work to go down the drain (pun intended!). There are also wools blended with other animal fibers like llama or alpaca that might be less iritating to your allergy. Or, if you are not wallet constrained you could opt for higher end yarn like mohair or angora. Good luck! And let me know how you make out :)

A Fleeting Soul said...

hi. i decided to make this bag in yarn thats a combination of wool and hemp. is this feltable? if not, its okay, but the curling at the top part of the bag is driving me nuts. is there any way to remedy this? i made the bag (cc) natural hemp color and (mc) plum. the natural part is almost unseen in the top bec of the curling. how did you make yours not curl so bad?
hope you can help me!

Amybel said...

To A Fleeting Soul, I tried to send you a message but you do not have an e-mail address associated with your blogger account.

To answer your question, hemp will not felt. It is a plant based fiber and only animal fibers will felt. The curling is part of the design. When the bag felts, the handles are thin and round (and sturdy) tubes instead of flat.

If you do felt your bag the middle section will become smaller than the top (and bottom if you use the hemp there too). It will definitely be one-of-a-kind!

Keep me posted!

Gretchen said...

Such a cute bag! I'm going to give it a try... it will be my first bag if I can pull it off. :) One question though. What length cord does my circular needle need?

Amybel said...

I'm going to leave your answer here because I am having trouble contacting you through your Blogger profile.

Most of my circular needles are either 24" or 36" so I would say either of those would be just fine. I probably used a 36" circ. You could always try magic loop or use double pointed needles too! Good luck and keep us posted!