Tuesday, July 28, 2009

More projects...

I'm loving my pirate project bag that I got from fiber friend Tink's Etsy shop. I think most people would use it for socks, but I am using it for the dishcloths I am now making from my super cheap bargain buy a week or so ago. It's great to just grab it and head outside for some knitting while the kidsters are occupied, playing together in the sprinkler or on the swings.

***Reality check!***

Ok, that's what I try to do. The bag makes it outside with me, and the knitting gets out for a little sunshine. But the kidsters do everything in their power to keep me from making any actual progress. It's like they've formed a secret alliance or something. (It might be the only thing they agree upon.) I've even said I would knit them some that are "cool". Kidster #1 wanted a fire helmet. So, no problem. I'm currently making this. Kidster #2 wants a trash truck. No problem. I found this one. I'll probably finish them when they have moved on to some other fascinations.

See, I am two timing it again. My night time project is this little giraffe. My friend (well, my husband's cousin's wife...but we're really friends too) had her second baby two weeks ago. She herself has this giraffe thing going. And she's one of those people that probably would appreciate a knitted blanket or something like that, but not use it or appreciate it like you or I would. Plus I would like something that will grow up with the baby, at least for a little while. So I am making the little gal for her new little gal to play with. It's worked from the legs up, and I have the four legs done. Tonight I am planning to get them all attached to the body. I know most people would probably finish the project in a day or two, but remember I am doing this one hour at a time!

Tomorrow we're headed off to Cape Cod for a few days. I can't guarantee that I'll get too much knitting done since the kidsters are coming too, but I'll post a giraffe pic when I get back!

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Alexandra said...

Have fun on your vacation! Love the dishcloths! And the color is so pretty!