Thursday, April 15, 2010

New neighbors!

OK, another non-knitting post I know, but at least it is a backyard post!!
A couple of years back, Hubster had some bluebird boxes made by the woodshop class. We hung them up hoping to attract the bluebirds we kept seeing pass through. They would always stop and check out our boxes but we hadn't been able to get them to stay. This is a pic from November when five males (one is going in the box) were fluttering around checking out the neighborhood. We learned that the males pick out the spot and start bringing in the twigs to build the nest in order to attract a female. Once she approves, she takes over the interior decorating. Hey, can't blame a girl for knowing what she wants!
It has been a few years, but finally we have permanent residents.

The female (in the forefront) comes and goes quite a bit. The male (in the background) flies around outside keeping close watch for them. And we have noticed that when she is out, he will sit on the perch and look in, sometimes until she comes back. Why?

There are two eggs that we can see. And once they hatch and leave the nest, the mother may lay another bunch! And the other box in the yard? She builds a nest in that one too, to keep out any rivals. Amazing.


Nina said...

Wow, those birds are so *pretty*!

c'est Moi! the TinknFrog said...

how exciting to have new neighbors. You did a fantastic job at getting pix of the nest. I'll be looking for updates about the Jones(es).

Amybel said...

Thanks! That nest picture was hard. I was on my tip toes and had to try more than a few times to get the angle right!