Sunday, March 7, 2010

Life sorted out

I've been gone for a few weeks, I know. First it was school vacation week with everyone home all the time. There was no time to sneak away and get lost at the computer! Then both kidsters and Hubster had a turn playing with Norovirus. It even managed to work its way through the grandparents but for some reason I was spared. And I was very worried. There is only so much you can avoid when you are cleaning up every half hour and your three year old needs you to be his pillow for 10 hours straight. I think it was Mother Nature's way of making sure everyone else was going to be taken care of!

On the knitting front I do have a few things to report. My socks are done. They fit ok, but I've learned how to make them fit better for the next time. I finished my sweater also, but don't have a good modeled shot of it to show you, so that will have to be another post. I only managed to make one more heart. Valentines Day came and went, so the desire to make more has faded. But I love this pattern and I'll be making more for next year. I officially frogged the Auntie Mitts. That left me with an empty knitting bag. Instead of casting on something new (gasp) I needed to clear out the spare room. I have made it through most of the Aunt Rita yarn and have quite a bit to find a new home for. I have two more big bins to go through so I am sure this pile will only grow!


Nina said...

Oh no, the Norovirus sucks! Don't ask me how I know this..

Anyway, congrats on finishing the socks, they look very cozy. :)

Darcy's Knotty Knitter said...

Sorry to hear everyone was sick but love your finished projects.Hugs Darcy