Monday, March 22, 2010

My second First

In my last post I showed you my first sweater, the one I made 17 years ago. Besides the 13 year hiatus from knitting in general, it has been all of those 17 years since I knit another sweater. Enough time, I think, to say that whatever I learned the first time has long since been driven from my brain by the tolls of motherhood!

So it was with an abundance of cheap acrylic yarn lying around that I thought, "why not make another sweater, I mean what else am I going to do with it?"! That wasn't actually my thought process, but we'll go with it because it doesn't contain any profanity.

I made the Nimbus sweater by Berroco. My only change was to knit longer sleeves instead of the short sleeves in the pattern. (Edit: I actually made another change, the garter bands are 3" instead of 4. I forgot about that one.)

On the bad side, it's acrylic. I can practically hear it pilling. And something is going on with the wider than expected collar. Not at all what it appears to be in the pattern. It's not too bad, but remember, tiny head syndrome :).

On the good side, it fits. I made it 5" longer than called for; I probably could have gone another inch but it works. It was inexpensive, downright cheap. To make this in wool would have cost me more than I can afford. Luckily Hubster got me one of those nifty clothes shavers!


Nina said...

Looks great!

c'est Moi! the TinknFrog said...

I don't care if it's in acrylic. It looks fantastic!!! The color is really great on you and I love the alterations you made. Terrific!