Sunday, February 13, 2011

Faux i-cord

My newest pattern has been hibernating since June. I'm not sure why. It was fast, fun, and easy to knit. The pattern probably can fit onto one page. Which reminds me, where are my notes anyway? Darn it, see what happens when things just sit around for ever?

But one part of this new pattern has me pretty excited. For the straps I made an i-cord. But not the traditional kind that takes forever doing three or four stitches, one row at a time, or the kind that hurts your hands from trying to pull that yarn tight in the back.

Ladies, hold onto your needles. Gentlemen too, but I don't think there are any of you out there since I haven't heard from you yet! (Hint, hint.) I am about to present you with a groundbreaking knitting technique. (I checked.)

This is a faux i-cord. I'm sorry to say that it only works if it is felted, but it works like a dream and is so much easier to do!

For this particular one, I cast on about 250 stitches (you don't really need to count) and joined in the round. Keeping the stitches straight for the join is the hardest part, I promise! Then just knit away for 4 rounds or until your work naturally curls back onto itself (I was using worsted weight for this project, you may have to adjust rows depending on your yarn). Bind off.

Yes, that's it. Do not weave in yarn tails! Do not sew tube closed! Throw it in your washing machine and give it a nice strong tug when it comes out. When it's dry and you are ready to use it, cut it to the length(s) needed!

I'm starting a search party for the missing notes so I can finally get the pattern out. Soon!

I have been asked a few times about making this on straight needles.  Yes, you can! 
There are two reasons why I didn't.  First, I wanted to get as many stitches as possible on the needles and the best way (for me) to accomplish this was to use a circular needle.  And the second reason is that if you work in the round, there is no purling!  Yay!


Susan said...

Very clever!

Two Cables and a Frapp said...

Wow ! This is a genius idea because I absolutely hate to do I-cords ! I love the new look to your blog.

c'est moi! heather at whimsy dot blog said...

you clever knitting diva! i'm seriously impressed.

HomeMadeOriginals said...

I crochet a chain using a couple of strands of yarn and then felt it, turns out similar to i -cord also and much faster. I'm curious why it's necessary to join the knitting in a circle, wouldn't this work without doing that?

evergreenknits said...

Wow, that's brilliant! I will definitely make use of that someday.

marlib7 said...

what pray tell is a door thobg?

Beftefur said...

Man, I wish I would have found this yesterday! I just finished a 6 foot i-cord to be felted and it took me FOREVER! Ha,ha
This is fabulous! I will try this on my next project.

Cyncalla said...

That's brilliant! Thank you.