Monday, March 30, 2009

Mindless Monday

(Caution: no knitting content whatsoever. Proceed at your own risk.)

I went shopping at that big popular box store today. Had to get the usual things:
paper plates, OJ, milk, toothpaste, TP

Normally this is not anything I spend time thinking about, since my mind is busy thinking of ways to keep kidster #2 from having a major meltdown. Usually we make our way through the store at a pretty good clip, and most of the time I can grab what we want off the shelf without having to really stop. We make car and truck sounds, rev our engines, and often times put on the brakes quick so we don't run anyone over. Sometimes we do this because I just want to get out of there quick, and other times we do it just to have fun (and get out of there quick). Yes, we must be a sight to see but at least it works and we both have a little fun doing something completely mundane.

Well, the problem came in with the last item on the list. Arrived in the toilet paper aisle and our usual brand was gone. Big, empty space. I hate it when that happens because now I have to stop and compare, and keep kidster interested in what is going on. And I have to at least look around a little because I'm not going to spend $12 on something that gets, well, you know.

Do you know how many thing there are to compare on TP? Besides the usuals like cost and quantity, there is softness, quilting, doubly ply, triple ply, cushiness ("don't squeeze the Charmin!") and then the real kicker....

double rolls, triple rolls, mega rolls!

And don't forget the toilet paper accessories that you have to buy if you want to use these souped up TP's. You can have Mega Rolls that are like 18 rolls in one, but not unless you buy the $5 roll-holder-extender. Or I guess you could just leave the roll on the top of the tank. But in my house, with the 3 boys, well, I was having visions of what would happen to that. Plus I figured having a Mega Roll in the bathroom with an almost potty training 2-1/2 year old (we want him to, he doesn't want to...another post I guess) probably wasn't a good idea unless we wanted to put a plumber on contract. Which we don't.

And then I have to decide on buying a four pack, 6 pack, 12 pack, or 24 pack. If I was in a different kind of store I could easily decide between a six pack or a 12 pack, but this is TP for pete's sake! Geez, I wasn't prepared for this. I didn't pack a lunch.

So here we are, the two of us in the TP aisle. My auto-pilot brain awakened to do some super fast math and figure out what to buy all the while answering the very cute (to someone else) questions of a curious toddler.

"Why'd we stop?"
"What does the blue one say?"
"Why's that baby on a cloud?"
"Why don't we have toilet paper at home?"
"Wow, look at that big one!"

I'll talk about knitting next time, promise.
Hope I'm leaving you with a smile on your face:)

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c'est Moi! the tink-n-frog said...

You did (leave me with a smile). And boy can I empathize with using the whole auto pilot thing when dealing with the Wee Ones. Actually you are braver than I am to even go to a big box store ALONE with your Wee One. I'm just not that cool or brave.