Sunday, March 1, 2009

The suspense is killing me!

I think I have watched 30 weather reports in the last 12 hours. How much snow are we really going to get? When you live in the "southcoast" section of Mass, you pretty much get everything there is to get in a winter storm. Rain, freezing rain, sleet, and then some snow. This year has been the polar (as in freezing cold!) opposite in that we have gotten snow, a lot of it! The ground was covered in multiple inches for the whole month of January and into the second week on February. That is remarkable for around here since most of our snow storms end in changing over to rain to pretty much wash everything away. So tonight the snow should be starting around midnight. Where the rain-snow line is will decide it all. Will it be 3-6", 5-8" or 10"+? What do you think?

Hubster already has declared that there will be school.
Let's hope so, I have a plane to catch in June!

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