Saturday, June 20, 2009

The (no so) random photo tag

Tink tagged me for this photo post. Here's how it goes:

Open your first photo folder
Scroll down to the 10th photo
Post that photo and story on your blog
Tag five friends to do the same

When I saw my 10th photo, I laughed. There's no way I'm posting that picture. But in keeping with the idea, I changed my mind. However, I am posting the 11th photo because the 10th is a little too graphic. Yes, this serves as your warning. After reading this post you will either be laughing with (at) me or running for the hills never to come back again. I hope it's the former since I've enjoyed playing in the sandbox with you.

We have two cats. One is a big huge 22 lb. scaredycat that will do just about anything for a little loving and some treats. The other one is the little 7 lb. queen. She is in charge of everyone and everything, and makes sure that you know it, every day.

The story goes like this:
Before we were married Hubster decided that he was sick of cleaning the litter box (thankfully always was his job). Not that I blamed him. He had heard somewhere that you can train your cat to go in the toilet. Yes you read it right. Dear friends, toilet training the cats was now underway.

So he joined a Yahoo group dedicated to the very subject. He researched online and began the four step process toward litter box cleaning freedom.

And it worked too. Here's a link to that more graphic 10th photo I mentioned, if you dare! The people in the know about this thing also say that you can teach kitty to flush (remember in "Meet The Parents") but we happened to have harder than usual flushers.

It was great for about 2 years. When we bought our house we spent every free moment of the entire summer ripping out carpet, installing tile floors, painting every surface, and all those things young (child free) home buyers do to save money and try to make the money pit they just bought livable. The queen of the castle wasn't too happy about not having a lap to sleep in every evening. She let us know by rebelling against the toilet. When we moved into the house we tried again to get them to use the toilet but the queen issued her edict to us about that. When the time comes for her to retire to the big catnip farm in the sky (oh, not that I want that at all), we will try again.

Are you still here?
Ok taggees, here you go!

the Ohio Girl


c'est Moi! the tink-n-frog said...

I'm impressed by the fact you got her to do it all. Heck I wonder if there is a Yahoo group to train my DH to clean the toilet. Heck for that fact clean anything.

Alexandra said...

Wow that's an impressive picture! I've heard cats can do that, but we never trained ours. Congratulations! Also, very cute cat! Is that the queen? It's hard to tell how big it is with all that gorgeous fur!

Amybel said...

The one in this picture is our gentle giant Zoey. Milli is in the "graphic" shot.