Monday, June 1, 2009


I'm reworking the cable handle bag pattern I wrote for the sage purse a little so that it will only use up two skeins of yarn (Patons, Galway or Cascade all run around 220 yds). Since I only have two skeins of this blue color, it's a pretty important point. That and I want to release the pattern soon, and I think others will be more apt to make it if they know they can do it with only two skeins. I know that if I need to break into a third skein for only a little bit I get cranky.
I've managed some progress on the blue bag!Only a little bit on the tan one. Well, It's been rainy. No knitting when we're all inside since I'm too busy being referee. I did manage to get to the first cable row. But that means keeping track of my now I am wondering what I will do outside for those five minute instances when the kidsters are actually playing together nicely (snicker). Hmm, dare I start a third project? Oh boy, I'm not sure we're all ready for that.


c'est Moi! the tink-n-frog said...

Boy your just zonking along! Even for referee-ing. A third project? Hmmmmm.....I..don't...know...????

Alexandra said...

They look very nice!!! I probably shouldn't offer any advice, as I can never control myself and always cast on way too many projects than I can handle! It is a lot of fun though, starting something new... ;)