Sunday, September 6, 2009

An answer for Vicki

All of you Blogger users know there is no good way to respond to comments folks leave. Bummer. Vicki had a question about yarn for felting, so I thought it would be good to repeat her question and my answer here.

Vicki said...
I love this bag [Around About]! I would like to make it in a yarn other than wool, though, as I am allergic to wool. Can you recommend another type of yarn I could use to get a similar, sturdy bag? Thank you!~Vicki

Amybel said...
Thanks Vicki!
In order to get yarn to felt it should be 100% natural animal fiber. No superwash, acrylic, cotton, etc. You could try Alpaca and see if you get an allergic reaction. Alpaca tends to be a little "furry" after felting, but it is very soft and should felt nicely (and you could always give it a haircut). I would recommend that you try to felt a sample swatch first just to make sure! You wouldn't want all that hard work to go down the drain (pun intended!). There are also wools blended with other animal fibers like llama or alpaca that might be less irritating to your allergy. Or, if you are not wallet constrained you could opt for higher end yarn like mohair or angora. Good luck! And let me know how you make out :)

Good luck Vicki, and keep in touch!

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