Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Two down, one to go

Kidster #1 started Kindergarten last week. We waited for the bus to come. And waited...and waited. Apparently the bus driver determined that there was no where on the road for her to turn around, so she decided she wouldn't pick him up. And didn't call anyone either. Not me, the school, the town's transportation department, or the bus company. It's straightened out now. All it took was one very firm mother, a father being an administrator in the town's school system, and the fact that you can fit three tanks in our driveway!
So here he is, on the second day of school.


Two Cables and a Frapp said...

Very cute. The bus driver didn't even notify anyone that she wasn't coming; not nice !

Nina said...

Aww, what a handsome youngster. :) I wish my firstgrader got a ride to school. But no, he's supposed to walk. The stupidest thing is, the school taxi drives right past our driveway, but the driver is *not allowed* to pick him up. Because we live too close to the school. And yes, we do live quite close, it's just over 0.6 miles, but as the worried mother that I am, I don't want my little boy walking down that road along with all the huge trucks that speed along here. /rant over {{takes deep breath and calms down}}

Alexandra said...

Very cute! Hope he has a wonderful school year! :)