Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The best lasagna I ever made!

I know I've said before that I don't cook. I think that might not be exactly right since I usually muster up one or two dinners during a regular Hubster-at-work week. I have about three recipes that I do and they usually involve casseroles or crockpots.

Hubster likes to look online or clip recipes and have me try them. I think that way if they bomb it goes against my less than perfect track record instead of his (smirk). I try to look them up online and read the reviews. I usually take them for what they are worth since everyone's tastes are different. I especially laugh over the ones that say "My picky 3 year old asked for seconds!" since I have a picky three year old and he never even eats it, never mind asking for seconds.

So it was with a casual acceptance that I made the newest experiment: Crock Pot Lasagna. Hubster found it in the Kraft Food & Family magazine (online recipe here). I have a lasagna recipe but haven't made it in a few years because it takes about an hour just to put it all together. Plus I'm not a huge fan of baked pasta dishes, I don't like dried out or crusty edged pasta.

But this lasagna was excellent! Moist, saucy, delicious, serious comfort food. My only change for next time, and there will be a next time, is to add some garlic. It took only 15 minutes to make just like the recipe said (another pet peeve, when it takes you twice as long as they say). My picky three year old ate it and my even pickier five year old actually did ask for seconds, no kidding! I took a hand count on whether or not to make it again and I am proud to say I got four out of four votes! If you're looking for something super quick and yummy on a cold winter night give it a try. And let me know how your family liked it!


Two Cables and a Frapp said...

Congratulations on your well made lasagne ! Hold tight to the recipe ! Are there pictures or was it eaten before the flash could go off (smile) ?!

ImplausibleYarn said...

Thanks for the recipe. I know exactly how aggravating it is to think that its only going to take 20 minutes to throw something together and an hour later your only just putting it into the oven. Or maybe thats just me.