Thursday, January 21, 2010

Why did I do that?

I've done it again. I now have four projects going at once.

The first project was Auntie Mitts in the Atacama I had used for the scarf. I hadn't decided on a hat pattern (and still haven't) but needed to get knitting. I found one skein that was much lighter than the rest with very little of the gray and red in it. I thought it might look nice in this lace pattern and it does.

I had planned to wear them with the cast on edge at the fingers because I like the gentle scallop it has. I am mostly done with the first one, but have put this aside. I'm now thinking of just some wrist ruffles (cuffs?) instead. So while I muddle it they have taken a back burner to the other projects.

My Nimbus is going along nicely. The back was a piece of cake. Then I made the two fronts at the same time. Figured it was the best way to make them the same size! I'm about to start the sleeves already!

Then last Friday night I started this heart, a new pattern I found on Ravelry. I was at the point where the decreases start for the sweater, and being beer night I decided I had better wait for a weeknight or else I might end up with three armholes! I finished this little guy up Saturday and it is so cute, even without felting. (Apparently the designer thinks my photo is cute too because she put it on the pattern page!!!) I am hoping to make more and turn them into some sort of Valentine's Day item. Maybe a wreath, maybe some conversation hearts!

And to top it all off, there are the socks that I am making in the KAL. I am rationalizing this one away as not really being a WIP because we only get one step every Friday. It's done later that night (beer and all!) and then I have the rest of the week to work on the other items.

So as far as the WIPs go, lets look at this rationally. The socks don't really count since the that week's step gets finished right away, right? And the mitts don't count either since they are in hibernation, right? With the sweater being my weekday knitting and the hearts my weekend project (with each heart getting finished by the end of the weekend), I really only have one WIP which is the sweater!

All right! I think I'll be ok this time. I promise I wont get stressed out. And I also know that I am not casting on anything new until at least the sweater gets done!


Nina said...

Ha, that makes my three WIPs seem like almost nothing. :D

Two Cables and a Frapp said...

Oh ! I love those mitts ! I may copy you on that one. I have that yarn also, but in blue. I want to be just like you, that's all. I love the little heart also. Very cute !
Have a good weekend !

Two Cables and a Frapp said...

Also, fingerless mitts can be entered into the NaKniMitMo2010 !

Alison said...

Oh, but they all sound like so much fun!...and BTW those little hearts don't count...I've been working on them too {when I should be working on other wips} and have decided that they are kind of like chewing gum {you know—doesn't count in total calorie count}. Can't wait to see your FOs and what you do with your little hearts!

BeebaBottoms said...

sounds rational to me. I have 2 actual WIPs right now... for knitting... a baby blanket and a scarf... but the baby blanket makes me think too much, the scarf is mindless... so if I am gonna knit pre-occupied, scarf it is.