Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Finally, a cast 'ON'

OK, I caved. I finally was able to cast on today for a hat for hubster. Kidster #1 (J) wanted to play on the computer while kidster #2 (C) took his nap. This usually works out great for me so I can get a few non computerized things done around here. But I was feeling a little guilty that he didn't have any hand knit love yet. Plus this is his Hell Week. The play is this weekend, and he's got dress rehearsal tonight and tomorrow until pretty late. Then "Oliver" has three performances; Friday night, Saturday night, and Sunday afternoon. That doesn't give any of us time with him for the next 4 days, but it does give me plenty of time to sit at the computer and blog (or maybe do some knitting, hmm?)!


Liz said...

Hey! Thought I'd make a stop by your blog. :) Ever wish you could blog while you're knitting? lol

Amybel said...

Actually, I wish I could knit while blogging!

Liz said...

There's the link for the tutorial I used to get the 3 columns. Hope it works for you like it did for me!