Thursday, January 29, 2009

Hell Week is over!

Phew. It's really been Hell Week and a half.
Oliver is over now. A little bittersweet because of all the preparation that went into it, but we're all really relieved now that it is over! Hubster was great and performed a terrific Mr. Brownlow. In case you don't know, he is the quiet hero (and Grandfather, we find out later) that saves little Oliver from a life of thievery and pickpocketing. So the marathon rehearsals are done and the performances went off without a hitch. Yay!
My mother flew in for the weekend. She needed an excuse to come and see the boys and the play was just that. She enjoyed seeing Hubster in a different element. It was great having her here to distract the boys with some new attention and help lessen the absence of their father. Kidster #1, the 4 yo, really had a great time bonding with her. He misses her already.
The best news of all is that my in-laws are back from their vacation. That means that the boys can do their Monday & Wednesday visits. Double Yay! It was a tough week for them to be gone but we're all putting that past us now, or at least I am!

On a knitting note (finally!), Hubster was hanging around when I was getting this picture of the camera this afternoon. He said, "oh, you started another purse?". Well, that would be the logical thing to say...usually. When I told him it was his retro 70's ski hat he got very excited. "I haven't seen you knit for a while" he said with surprise. He's right, I haven't been knitting during our usual hour before conking out for the night because I have been so tired. I'm still not caught up from Hell Week!

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