Saturday, January 31, 2009

Flattery will get you everywhere!

I went out with some girlfriends last night. We've been close for about 10 years, ever since we met at the place I used to work only a day job (a.k.a. pre-children). The one that I am closest to, Pat, is like my surrogate mom. She went with me way back to pick out my wedding dress since my mom is about 600 miles away. She was one of the first visitors when each of my sons were born. You get the idea, she is very supportive. So last November when we were having a ladies night, she said she wanted me to make her a purse. She liked some of the ones I had on my website, but she was more interested in one that I no longer had available, but with some changes. She wanted longer handles, a zipper closure (argh...are you sure, a nice magnetic snap would be lovely!), different colors and such. I really thought she was just trying to support me again, and was not all that into having one of my purses.

So I went yarn shopping the next day and started the purse. I think I knit it up in like a week. The lining and zipper took a little longer than that, but I had until just before Christmas before the next ladies night. Here it is, back when I was working on the lining.

She had her purse with her last night! I knew she didn't just switch it for the occasion since she had come from work. And she had definitely been using it since it had receipts and papers in it too. Things that would not have been put in if she had changed purses just for the occasion. I was so thrilled. It's the first time I've seen one of my own in action!

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erika~ the inspired mama said...

it is adorable! i would carry it everywhere too :)