Sunday, February 1, 2009

Knitting in the car

The retro ski hat is finished! I managed to knit the top half after the stripes all on Friday. I knew I was going out and wouldn't have my evening knitting. I brought it with me in the car and worked on it for five minutes at a time! But hey, a few rows each time was more than I would have gotten done. I'm going to have to do that more often. Last night I just finished the last few rows and did the bind off. Dh was so kind as to pose in it for me. It hasn't been blocked yet, so I am hoping to make the top a little less funky when I get around to doing it.

Knitting in my car (while I was waiting in a parking lot here and there) got me wondering. I've seen people do all kinds of things in their cars, while driving. Some are so common they aren't even surprising anymore, like putting on makeup, eating, and reading. I've also seen someone putting on nail polish, people making out, and unfortunately one time I saw someone physically fighting with their passenger while driving. Yes, while driving! So I wonder if anyone has ever knit or seen anyone knitting in the car while they were driving? I would love to hear about it! Or maybe you want to tell me some other funny driving sighting!


Anonymous said...

Another car knitter - yep, I started knitting in my car in the last few months and boy, is it a great way to get some uninterrupted knitting time!

Katknit said...

No funny stories, or knitting while driving, but when my husband's driving I often try to knit. Unfortunately, it generally makes me carsick. Darn.