Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Potpourri and a pint glass

I finished it today. I wasn't going to let a wasted knitting day yesterday and three wasted hours (my knitting bag sitting at home, me not) this morning get me down today. No way. Plus, Auntie is babysitting tonight. Tonight! So I needed to get it done today. Well, I just finished Sue's Hannah hat . I added quite a few rows this time before the decreases and think it will be a good fit. Yes it looks too big on me, but remember I have that tiny bean we talked about last time. Here are some photos...
I thought this one was pretty funny because the plant behind me looks like my ponytail.

I had hubster wait for me while I ran into Joanne's to get the glass buttons I had seen a few weeks ago. Even with the 50% off coupon, the buttons were still more expensive than the yarn.

And I don't have any way to block a hat so I came up with my own. I inverted a potpourri bowl (yes, it is still filled, I don't have time to be emptying it) over another bowl and put it on a pint glass. Let's see if it is something yummy...yup! Otter Creek Octoberfest. Mmmm. All this knitting and blogging is making me thirsty.

So what I really would like to know is this...
Can good knitting, a good pattern, and the best of intentions add up to a pretty hat or one that just looks like you got sick after eating too much cotton candy?


Sanguiknity said...

Hey! Thanks for commenting and complimenting on my blog :) I think the color of the hat looks pretty, but tastes and computer monitors differ... :P Congrats on winning the blog makeover contest! The blogs she designed look really beautiful - everything just flows together and nothing looks like a list of lists (like it does on my and a lot of others' blogs). And the headers!! I worked on my header for the better part of a day, and it's still not as cool as some other headers I've seen.

Also, I completely relate about the multiple tabs - everyday at work, when I should be working..., I always have tabs open for my old school e-mail, Gmail, Ravelry, and one for miscellaneous things like people's blogs, yarn stores, or maybe actually something for work ;)

I also only get about an hour or two of knitting time each day, and yesterday I didn't get any at all, so I know what you're going through when it comes to finishing projects in a decent amount of time and actually using up your stash (Ha!! What a funny joke...).

And I really like your header too - my backyard is unkempt and faces a dumpster, so there is nothing like that in my yard.

Good luck with your next project!


Darcys Knotty Knitter said...

I love the hat and the buttons are awesome:)Hugs Darcy