Tuesday, February 17, 2009

All work and no play...

make for a very dull post. Until today, I had no knitting time since the last time I posted about starting the orange (and pink and ochre-ish) hat for my SIL. And I wasn't doing all that great on the not being grouchy part either.

But today was a breakthrough day. I did some knitting in the car while hubster drove us around. Then while the youngest kidster took a nap I almost finished it. I managed to get about another 20 minutes while same kidster played on the computer this afternoon (you should see him click away. It's amazing. And he's 2!) I finished it! I was very excited. You know that wonderful feeling you get when you have created something from your own hands. Ahhhhhhh.

I was all set to post and congratulate myself on an FO, I even took the pictures! Then I tried it on. (Hear the balloons popping in the background). It barely nipped the top of my ears. And to put it nicely, I have a tiny little bean. I mean, really small. I can wear my kids' hats no problem. And my kids are 4 and 2. Ok, so you are wondering why I didn't swatch? What was the problem with this hat, it is the second time I've made the pattern, right? Well, first off, different yarn. Then, I generally don't swatch. I usually knit felted things, so there's no need. Plus, I am lazy and selfish with my knitting time. I don't want to waste a day making a swatch when I can get a few inches of knitting accomplished. I know, I know, I wasted the day anyway. So, while hubster made dinner I ripped it out all the way back to before the decreases. Back to a hat with only a brim finished and dinner with a grouchy knitter.

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