Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Knitting in childrens' stories, part 2

Continuing with the subject, here are two that are quite humorous. Without a lot of words, the hilarious pictures get the point across. They are by Nancy Shaw. My favorite is this one.
The story is not about knitting at all, but as you can imagine with sheep as the main characters there is one lovely lady that is knitting at every turn, even when they get themselves into sticky situations! To top it all off, the story has such a funny punchline at the end.

The other one in the series that we did read was this one. Also quite funny.
There are three more that we don't have at our library, but I'll be ordering them through the inter-library loan soon!

Sheep in a Shop
Sheep in a Ship
Sheep out to Eat
Sheep Blast Off!
Sheep Trick or Treat

I can only wonder (and hope) what kind of shop they are in? I'll let you know when we've read it!
ETA the last two titles, found when I was reserving some of these other sheep books from the library! Looks like we've got more reading to do.


c'est Moi! the tink-n-frog said...

When I first clicked on your blog and saw Sheep in a Jeep, I chuckled. It caught me off guard. It looks like a fun book.

Two Cables and a Frapp said...

I Read a bit about Sheep in a Jeep on the atozteacherwebsite.com website and it looks delightful.

Alexandra said...

Ooh they look great! How fun! I love the titles!