Thursday, April 9, 2009

Opening Day

Spring has finally sprung. And I can prove it.

My DFIL gave us our annual Easter Lily this week. Unfortunately the only place we can put her so the cats don't get her is on the downstairs mantle. So we don't see her too often, but as soon as you go down there it smells great!

The Red Sox managed to win their opening day game! Yes, they did have to postpone it by a day due to torrential downpours, but they did it. I hope postponing opening day doesn't bring in some bad mojo or anything. At least now I can look forward to some good knitting TV.

Kidster #1 started T-ball practices. His first organized sport. He looks so cute with his little glove. They get their shirts next week so then he'll be just adorable. (As a little aside, I've never been a really girly-girl. Having boys is fun and I think I am pretty happy doing the whole baseball-dirt thing as opposed to pink doll house stuff. No offense intended to my fair readers of the pink preference!) Hubster is the coach. He's so good with kids and he's loving it too. I'm pretty proud of the both of them. They have their opening day next weekend.

I had visions of sitting on the sidelines knitting while watching Little League games and practices. Unfortunately that will have to wait a few years. See, the playground is right next to the T-ball field, and in order to keep kidster #2 from wanting to run with the other kids, well, you know where I'll be. I guess in a few years when (if) they are both playing then I might be able to do it. Heck, I might have to since I will be shuffling them both around so much it might be my only time to knit!


Ceci said...

Aww! I can't wait til t-ball and/or soccer and/or gymnastics or.... whatever! It's gonna be so exciting. :) Congrats on the first flower of spring. Love seeing those! I have to spot em on the highway though; I have a black thumb.

Would love to see pics of the kiddos getting dirty and having fun!

Anonymous said...

Lovely! We are having our first dose in inclement autumn weather here! A nice study in contrasts.